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Separation Science is pleased to confirm that Dr Bert Popping joins Food Safety Analysis 2021 as Conference Chairman and Scientific Programme Advisor. The scientific programme will comprise technology and analytical experts who have many years of experience in food safety methods, protocols and applications.

(Please check back regularly for the most up-to-date programme).

Key Speakers

Bert Popping

30 & 31 March, 2021

Dr. Bert Pöpping (FOCOS) - Conference Chairman and Scientific Programme Advisor

In addition to Bert, the following speakers have been confirmed...

  • Chiara Dall’Asta (UNIPR, Italy)
  • Alois Schlössel (Eurofins Singapore)
  • PENG Hong (Mars, China)
  • David Nichols (University of Tasmania, Australia)
  • Michele Suman (Barilla Advanced Laboratory Research, Italy)
  • George Joseph (Assure Quality, Australia)

What To Expect?

Topic Highlight: Pesticide Analysis


Pesticides are regulated in Europe by Regulation 396/2005/EC, setting MRLs for most used pesticides.

Having had no less than 32 amendments and five corrections, this regulation has proven to be very dynamic. And the recent report by EFSA showed that there are still significant differences between European member states when it comes to pesticide findings.

For example, the more than 6,000 samples tested in Bulgaria showed 9% exceeded the legal limits, while the 1,600 samples tested in Spain only showed 3% above the MRL. How can these differences be explained? Different products? Different instruments? Different sensitivities? What constitutes a robust pesticide analysis? How many pesticides can be analysed in a single run? 400? 700?

Technologies are evolving fast, and if you are a quality control manager, laboratory manager or analysts, the Food Safety Analysis 2021 conference will bring you up to speed with the latest developments in terms of analysis, automation, applicable regulations, and risk assessment, covering:

  • Regulatory Developments
  • Testing Strategies
  • Analytical Methods
  • New Technologies and Applications for the Detection of Mycotoxins


Topic Highlight: Mycotoxin Analysis


The maximum residue levels (MRLs) for numerous mycotoxins in Europe are regulated by 1881/2006/EC.

Since its publications, this regulation has been amended no less than 17 times, and there are additional amendments on the horizon because mycotoxins are an ever-evolving topic for European risk assessors and legislators.

This ultimately also impacts quality control manager, laboratory manager and analysts. Topics such as the lowering of citrinin levels and the possible MRLs for ergot alkaloids and OTA in figs, sunflower seeds and cocoa powder – to name but a few – will not only require the appropriate methods and instrumentation to be adapted but also impact how such analyses can be automated, in line with other, already routinely performed mycotoxin analysis.

Food Safety Analysis 2021 will highlight regulatory aspects, but also look at government control laboratory activities and analytical developments, covering:

  • Regulatory Developments
  • Testing Strategies
  • Analytical Methods
  • New Technologies and Applications for the Detection of Mycotoxins


Food Safety Analysis 2020 is a, therefore, a must-attend event for Food Manufacturers, Government Agencies, Contract Research Labs and Industrial Labs working with these food matrices.


Past Speakers


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